Social Project Maps

Best Mode of Transport

Which is the best mode of transport from one part of a city to another?

Bicycle Accidents

What are the most dangerous roads in a city for bicyclists?

Child Population Changes

How has the population of children under 18 years older changed over the years?

Independent Coffee Shops

Where are the independent coffee shops across America's cities?

Greenery in Urban Landscapes

Finding the greenest parts of the city amongst the urban roadways.

Grocery Food Deserts

Identifying areas in the city most disadvantaged from fresh food availability.

Noisy 311 Reports

The noisiest parts of New York City, mapped.

Rats, Rodents and Insects

What parts of the city are the most 311 reports of rats and insect problems

Subway Locations and Median Incomes

Which are the richest and poorest areas surrounding the city's subway stations?