About Us

YouAreHere is a GIS project dedicated to uncovering the hidden data behind the urban environment.

Local governments and municipal institutions around the US generate billions of rows of data every year, on everything from pedestrian and bicycle accidents to energy use to traffic camera locations and trash dumping sites.

Our goal is to aggregate and map this data so that it’s open and useful for people living in modern urban centers.

What’s the fastest way to get around DC? Which neighborhood in Los Angeles has the most bicycle accidents? How many coffee shops are there in San Francisco, exactly?

YouAreHere has the data, and the data has the answers.

Affiliation with MIT Social Computing

Please note that YouAreHere is a project independent of the MIT Social Computing lab. We are not affiliated with any past projects at MIT which may lead to YouAreHere. Our maps cover similar topics, but have been updated for 2021 with new and more relevant data and more advanced interactive mapping technology. Previous websites which were built on the YouAreHere.cc domain name can be accessed in the WayBack Machine here.