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This map shows the dates and locations of 38163 complaints about rodents in New York City between January 1st 2010 and September 1st 2013.

Rodent complaints include reports of both sightings of rodents, evidence of rodents, and unsanitary rodent conditions. The complaints over this period of time averages 28 per day. Overall, more 311 complaints are recorded when temperatures are higher across categories, this is particularly true in the case of rodent complaints.

The rodent population as reflected in the complaint locations are very similar to the concentration of people in the city. Queens has significantly less rodent complaints when compared to the population, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island have more.

The zipcodes with the most complaints of rodents are largely in Brooklyn. Overall, complaints are concentrated in the zipcodes:

Zipcode Complaints Borough
11221 950 Brooklyn
11207 757 Brooklyn
11233 753 Brooklyn
11216 671 Brooklyn
10467 592 Bronx

Rodent complaints are recorded by the 311 service in New York City. These are made public through the gov.data initiative. The dataset in its entirety contains all 311 service requests from the infrastructural (road repair, traffic lights, electrical outages) to isolated incidents (heating, lead testing, graffiti removal and noise complaints), as long as they directly affect the everyday lives of citizens. We isolated the rodent complaint requests from this larger dataset.

*Population Statistics taken from 2013 census.